Ashoun from the album 'Gravity'  

Produced by Sean Fodor


          Year        Role / Type                                                       Name of Production / Director                   Company

          2011          Producer/Director/Editor                              Documentary Lennon Scott                       Spiritual Warfare Productions 
          2008          Producer/Director/Editor                              Corporate                                                    Carl Zeiss Meditec AANS Show Reel 
          2005          Director/Camera Operator/Editor               Digital                                                          Lisa Marie Scott Calendar Shoot 
          2004          Director/Editor/Camera Operator               Music Video                                                LA Guns / Tie Your Mother Down


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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2000 AMFA (Armenian Grammy)

  • Produced Sako Ghazarossian (Armenian pop star) AMFA nominated for all records/videos Sean co-wrote, produced, engineered and performed (4 albums total).
  • They won for 'Gravity' album for their song video 'Ashoun' which Sean produced. 

​2000-2001 History's Mysteries (TV Series documentary) 

  • The Death of Marilyn Monroe -Mafia Hitman 
  • Sodom and Gomorrah -As God's Angel 

2004 Big Apple Film Festival

  • ​Official Selection 'Joe Killionaire'

2004 Sedona International Film Festival 

  • Best Comedy (Top 20 Fest) 'Joe Killionaire'

2004 Dances with Films Festival June 10-16

  • Fusion Audience Awards
  • Honorable Mention 'Joe Killionaire'
  • Best Song 'Cruel Judy'

2004 Composer (1 credit) Joe Killionaire 

2004 Miscellaneous Crew (3 credits)

  • Scarecrow Gone Wild (Video) (production assistant) 
  • Surviving Eden (key set production assistant) 
  • Joe Killionaire (production assistant) 

2005 Park City Film & Music Festival ​

  • Gold Medal for Best Picture 'Joe Killionaire'
  • Best Original Score 'Joe Killionaire'
  • Best Integration of Music Styles in A Film
  • Best Director - Sean David Morton

2005 New York International Film Festival

  • Joe Killionaire 
  • Selected from over 400 films
  • Received mention on 'Tonight Show'

2008 Sound department (2 credits)

  • Live with It (Short) (sound recordist) 
  • Quincy Coleman: It's All in the Song (Documentary) (sound recordist) 

2009 Producer (1 credit)

  • Blue Movies (Short) (associate producer)


2009 W​ebby Awards (Oscar for the Web)

  • Sound Engineering 
  • ​For Blue Movies on Kold Cast TV

2010 Addy Aw​ard (Oscar of Advertising)

  • Sean Fodor and Jeb Milne of Wit Animation for Animation & Sound on the State of Florida Campaign 'Don't Feed Wild Dolphins'

     "I am skilled in all aspects of sound and video production including technical direction for music and video production, including shooting, dubbing, editing, and final mix-down. Engineering and production experience includes voice-overs, commercials, national music & video releases. 
     My background in the setup and operation of 8 through 64+ channel digital & analog consoles, amplifiers, microphones, outboard processors near field monitors, signal flow, patch bays, audio and video tape machines and related equipment sets me above the standard. I am familiar with Mac & PC platforms, Pro Tools, Avid, Final Cut Pro, Cubase, Rebirth, Soundforge, Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro, Cakewalk, Acid, CD Architect & DVD Architect. 
     Some of my clients include; Carl Zeiss Meditec, D.I.S.C. Emmy nominated producer Sammy Oriti, Lisa Marie Scott (Playboy Playmate), Golden Globe winning actress Sally Kirkland, Dabney & Quincy Colman, E! Entertainment, Astrelwerks Records, Capitol Records, Comedian Stephanie Miller, Healthylife.Net & Feather Racquets."

     "My specialties are production and direction for film, video and music including Camera operation both SD and HD, post production including editing, scoring and titles. Music composition, tracking and mixing."  




      West Multimedia founder, Sean Fodor, is a talented multimedia producer, director, editor and documentary filmmaker with over twenty-five years experience. Sean, along with an extended network of top notch professionals, gives West Multimedia a leading edge in today's digital world. As a documentary filmmaker, Sean works with the nation's premier spine surgeon, Dr. Robert Bray filming brain surgeries for Carl Zeiss Meditec corporate videos in San Francisco, CA.  

     Dr. Robert Bray, founder and CEO of D.I.S.C.' Sports and Spine Center in Marina Del Rey, California, provides next generation diagnostics, preventative, conservative and rehabilitative care, along with one of the country’s most advanced surgical centers specializing in minimally invasive spine procedures and advanced arthroscopic techniques. 'D.I.S.C.' is the official medical center of the Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Kings, Oakland Raiders and USA Volleyball.     

Miscellaneous Crew (3 credits)
 2004 Scarecrow Gone Wild (Video) (production assistant) 
 2004 Surviving Eden (key set production assistant) 
 2004 Joe Killionaire (production assistant) 

​Sound department (2 credits)
 2008 Live with It (Short) (sound recordist) 
 2008 Quincy Coleman: It's All in the Song (Documentary) (sound recordist) ​

Composer (1 credit)
2004 Joe Killionaire 

Producer (1 credit)
2009 Blue Movies (Short) (associate producer) 
Self (1 credit)

2000-2001 History's Mysteries (TV Series documentary) 

The Death of Marilyn Monroe (2000) Mafia Hitman
Sodom and Gomorrah (2001) Re-Creation Actor 


Joe Killionaire (2004)  Film Soundtracks 

Joe Killionaire    Written by Darryl Rue and Sean Fodor

                             Performed by Fluffer

Lizzie Borden     Written by Sean Fodor and Erik Turner                             Performed by The Red Pills

Celebrate            Written by Sean Fodor and Sako

                            Performed by D-Toxx

Look At Me         Written and Performed by Sean Fodor
White Trash        Written and Performed by Sean Fodor


~Producer ~ Director ~ Editor ~ Musician ~ Sound Engineer 


       Sean has performed with legendary artists:

  • Willie Chambers (The Chambers Brothers)

  • Tracy Arrington (Al Green, Curtis Delgato, Steve Miller, Doobie Brothers, Paul Rogers, Tower of Power, George Lynch)

  • Evil (El Debarge, Adina Howard)

  • Makoto Izumitani (Gwen Stephani, Eve)

  • George Lynch (Grammy Nominated Artist, Dokken, Lynch Mob)

  • Erik Turner (Warrant)

  • Joey Covington (Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna)

  • Adam Stanger (Comes With The Fall, Jerry Cantrel, The Young Royals, Pulp 90's) 

  • Gabe Rosales (Lynch Mob, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Milan)

  • Adam Hamilton (LA Guns, Joe 90)

  • Daniel Alexander (Little Richard, E.G. Daly, Mozart, The Flys) 

  • Noriko Olling (Shiela E., Luther Vandross, James Brown, Lee Ritenour) 

  • Frank Warner (Expose)

  • Dee Robb, Bruce Robb, Joe Robb (Go-Go's, Jane's Addiction, Aerosmith, Devo, Public Enemy, Dave Matthews, Lenny Kravitz)


​​​​​​Director of music videos, documentary films, TV pilots and comme​rcials Sean has produced: 

  • Sammy Oriti, Emmy nominated producer
  • George Lynch (Lynchmob)
  • Sally Kirkland
  • Jaime Gomez (Nash Bridges, Training Day)
  • Dabney & Quincy Coleman
  • E! Entertainment
  • Astrelwerks Records
  • Capitol Records 
  • Comedian Stephanie Miller    



Sean has composed, produced, and engineered music projects for high profile Grammy-nominated artists: 

  • George Lynch (Dokken, Lynchmob)
  • Nataraj Tribino (PM Dawn, Maroon 5)
  • Dave Schulz (Berlin, Goo Goo Dolls, Mitch Perry)
  • Harlow
  • Tracy Arrington (Al Green, Steve Miller, Curtis Delgato, Doobie Brothers, Paul Rogers, Tower of Power, George Lynch)
  • Jeb Milne, Singer & Songwriter/Founder Wit Animation Studios and WitZend (Roger Daltry, Air Supply, LuLu)
  • Jon E Love's (Love/Hate) project 'Experience The Love' featuring Randy Barach (drummer for Don Henley, Cher, Lenny Kravitz)
  • ​Tommy Lee (Motley Crue) and his producer, Scott Humphrey, selected Sean's musical track as a finalist in special project 'Method's of Mayhem'. www.thepublicrecord.com.